Auditions for Chicago the Musical

Auditions for Chicago the Musical
Posted on 09/24/2018
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Monday, Oct 1. 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Sessions 1 and 2

Tuesday, Oct 2. 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
essions 3, 4 and 5

Wednesday, Oct 3. 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Sessions 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10


Thursday, Oct 4. 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

How Do I Audition?

Sign up for a session outside of the Earl Street Theater

  1. Pick up an AUDITION INFO FORM and AUDITION PACKAGE outside of the Earl Street Theater
  2. Pick up character scene slides for your character outside of the Earl Street Theater

What Do I Have to Prepare?

Students auditioning must come to their audition session with a prepared song and a scene:

Check out the AUDITION PACKAGE (available outside the Earl Street Theater) to see which song(s) you’re recommended to sing for the character you’re auditioning for. If you are not auditioning for a specific character, just pick any song from the musical or a similar styled song that you like. Check out the links below for sheet music and audio tracts to the main songs.

Pick up an audition slide of your character(s) from outside the Earl Street Theater. These scenes do not have to be memorized but you are encouraged to be comfortable with them (impress us with your memorizing skills!)

 All the jazz: Sheet Music audio track

 Roxie: Sheet Music: audio track

 Funny Honey: Sheet Music: audio track

 When you’re good to mama: Sheet Music: audio track:

 Mr. Cellophane: Sheet Music: audio track:

 A little bit of good: Sheet Music audio track

 Razzle dazzle: Sheet music audio track

 All I care about is love: Sheet music audio track


What Will the Audition Be Like?

 The session will be around 10 people. The acting portion will consist of running scenes from the audition slides as well as a signing portion (here comes the song you’ve been preparing!). Please be prepared to sing a capella as well as with the track for the song you chose above. The dancing audition will combine two sessions together and will either be before or after your acting/singing session. Please refer to the audition schedule in your AUDITION PACKAGE for times. A short piece of choreography will be taught as a group and performed so wear comfortable active clothes and shoes. Don’t forget to fill out your AUDITION INFO FORM and hand it in at your audition.


Do I need to come every day (oct 1-3) for auditions?

No, you only need to come one day for the session you have signed up for.

Do I need to sing the entire song for my audition?

You only need to sing a couple bars but try to have the entire song prepared. 

Where is the Earl Street Theater?

The EST is in the KC basement on Earl Street, beside gym 3.

What if the character I want doesn’t have an audition scene slide?

We recommend taking and preparing a scene of a similar character in order to give us a sense of your acting style.

What if I don’t know who to audition for?

Take a few slides of some potential characters and get to know them! There are some great clips on YouTube as well to watch for inspiration.

Can I just help out backstage?

Of course! Sign up to be a part of the behind the scenes outside of the Earl Street Theater.

Still Have More Questions?

Contact Andie Siemens (Student Director): or 613-985-2504